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Company introduction


History of the Company:
·Anli hardware products company was built in Shenzhen China in 1993.
·Processed the springs of 4mm diameter with spring machine in 1995.
·Built pressing department to design our own mould and began to process plank shaped metal products in 1996.
·Built 2 new factory buildings with workshop of 3500 square meters and dorm of 2400 square meters in Chashan town in Dongguan in Guangdong province in 1997 .
·Moved to new workshop and changed company's name as Dongguan Anli Hardware Plastic Products Corporation. Produce high-tense punch hardware with new machines and process large-scale springs with the diameter under 8mm in 1999 .
·Realized the aim of management by computers in 2000 .
·Got ISO9001 quality management system authentification in 2000 .
·Enlarged the workshop by 3000 square meters because of the increasing operation in 2004 .
·Passed MICROSOFT supplier qualification in 2005.
·Got ISO14000 environmental management system authentification in 2006 .
·Successfully developed air-conditioning compressor spring (fatigue test showed a service life of 10 million operations, supplied to Gree and Midea) in 2007.
·Successfully developed air-conditioning temperature controller components in 2008.
·In 2009, our products passed the annual inspection by Chinese Quality Supervision Authorities.
·Established Hinge Section integrating R & D, manufacturing and assembly in 2010.
·Entered display backlight market in 2012.·Started to manufacture components for solar PV inverter industry in 2012.
·Started to manufacture mobile phone back shell,and micro inverter parts awarded UL certifaction in 2015. 
·Awarded High-tech enterprise certificate in 2016.
·Got ISO/TS16949  management system authentification in 2017 .

Main products/Punches : 
springs:adequate for cassette mechanism, push switch, microswitch, monitors, IT industry, cameras, bicycles, medical appliance, fitness equipment, handicrafts and so on. 
Punches: various precise punches (leaf springs, terminals), and various kinds of passive component terminals.

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