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Management concept
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Engineering R&D Center
Management concept

Operation Principle: Serve customers with high quality and high efficiency; persevere in sustainable management with innovations and improvement.

Quality Policy: Assure quality by quality control; serve customers with quality products; put customers’ needs first; seek continuous improvement!

Environmental Policy: Follow laws and regulations to protect the environment! Conduct green development to prevent pollution! Reduce and recycle wastes and make rational use of all resources! Make good communication and encourage whole staff participation! Stick to continuous improvement and sustainable operation!

Quality Management: According to operation procedure and ISO9001 Quality Management System \ QC080000 Hazardous Substances Management System \ ISO14001 Environmental Management System, we carry out and comply with international and domestic relevant laws and standards, and undertake that our products contain no substances harmful to the environment and ensure the strict control and improvement of production process and timely after-sales service.

Engineering R & D: Working closely with customers in the earlier development of products, we are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of dies\fixtures. Establishing a partnership with Huazhong University of Science and Technology for cooperation in technological innovation\new materials’ application\ automated production (detection), we apply the latest technology to production.

Education and Training: We have developed and implemented training programs for new employees\serving employees, and partnered up with to provide professional trainings for employees of different departments and at different levels. Meanwhile, each unit examines their own problems regularly and enhances the awareness of employees.

Cost Control: Through continuous research and development and application of automatic\semi-automatic production lines, we have reduced the number of workers. ERP system has also been established to control indicators in each key process, and conduct regular reviews in order to reduce inventory\working hours\improve production efficiency.
We are always working hard and constantly making progress. We work and change to satisfy customers with high quality products and service.

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